Detroit King head coach Ty Spencer on Dante Moore’s future decision

All eyes will be on five star quarterback Dante Moore‘s expected bet Friday on ESPN’s SportsCenter as he made the decision to end his recruiting on Wednesday and move forward with a decision.

Despite never releasing a list of top schools this off-season, Oregon, Michigan, Notre Dame, LSU, Miami, and Texas A&M are widely believed to have long been the top contenders.

Moore made official visits to Eugene and Baton Rouge while appearing unofficially for the remaining four, with some like Michigan receiving him more than on occasion.

Michigan has remained adamant in retaining Moore as the only prioritized quarterback for the class. While that shows how good the Wolverines feel about the Detroit (Mich.) King star, they don’t have a Plan B for now in case Moore leaves the state to go to college.

As of Thursday, all seven FutureCasts on have predicted that Moore will commit to the Ducks. The nation’s No. 9 and top uncommitted quarterback was unofficially on their campus the last weekend in June.

If there’s any chance Michigan will resolve the alleged upset at Moore’s landing, plenty of reasons could be said for his heightened relationship with Matt Weissplaying for the local school, and how far back both sides go with Moore being offered as a high school student.

Corn & Blue Review spoke to the Detroit King head coach Ty Spencer last week to discuss Moore’s published recruiting and how well Michigan stands a chance of bringing him in.

On Moore-Michigan Communications:

“I’ve definitely seen Michigan pick up communication. They were able to get him on campus (in May). It wasn’t so much a sense of urgency as it was picking up and developing that relationship. Especially between him and Weiss I think that’s a good thing and definitely a positive thing.”

On Moore’s relationship with Weiss:

“(Moore and Weiss) are probably different people, but they get along really well. Even though Dante might have a bit more open personality. But Weiss is a good guy, man. It was great, even for me, to “I want to meet him and get the chance to talk to him to build that relationship. He’s a great guy and he knows what he’s talking about. I definitely feel comfortable with Weiss coaching Dante.”

On Weiss who has become more open about recruiting Moore in recent months:

“It’s great because Weiss and I started texting more. He’ll be texting me to see how it goes. (Steve) Latch Scale and I always text and (Ron) Bellamy and i always text. But with Weiss, he will text me more like where a relationship is being built. We’ve even broken down defensive stuff, you know. Like I said, Weiss is a really great guy. After spending some time with him, it really opened up his personality to me and showed who he is. He wasn’t really used to being recruited after he got out of the NFL. But once I was able to chop it up with him and learn the knowledge he had to offer, it was great. He’s a good one.”

On what Michigan Moore can sell:

“I think I’m home and somewhere that’s nice. They know him here in Michigan. I think everything else would be the same. Michigan can compete with anyone whether we’re talking NIL or after-school graduation opportunities Michigan will not stop recruiting Dante no matter what it will be interesting to see where Michigan fits in with Dante I know a lot is written about him which is fine He comes to visit like he would should, but Michigan is still doing a great job with him.”

On the fact that NIL is an important factor:

“Not really. But it’s kind of a factor because you have to take it into account these days. With Dante, he understands that he has to get on the pitch before he gets any of that stuff. He understands what the process is. So that’s not something he really cares about, if you ask him. It’s just having a chance to make sure he can play and develop.”

On selling transformational rather than transactional experiences in Michigan:

“It’s more about knowing that he can come to Michigan to participate. If you go in your freshman year, play four games and then redshirt, before you start as a sophomore redshirt or something like that, that’s a great opportunity for everyone. I really think that no matter who’s there (in Michigan), there’s a chance for him to play, which is great.”

On Moore continuing the quarterback talent on display in Michigan:

“That would be great. Just for him to be at home school and be in a place where they know what they’re doing. Michigan had a great season last year. As the talent grows in the quarterback position, they will continue to to get even better. I think Dante understands that and knows that is an option for him.”

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