Tucker finds a way to blame women for mass shootings of young men

Fox news

Fox news

On the heels of yet another mass shooting, Tucker Carlson identified what he believes is a contributing factor in young men using firearms on innocent bystanders: women “lecturing them on” about “their so-called privilege.”

Carlson opened his Tuesday show with discussion of: the shooting during a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois, allegedly by 21-year-old Robert “Bobby” Crimo. The Fox News host shared how authorities said Crimo had appeared on their radar twice before: in April 2019 after a suicide attempt and a few months later after he threatened to “kill everyone” in his immediate family. After the second incident, police seized knives, a dagger and a sword from his home. No complaint was filed and no arrest was made.

“Look at Robert ‘Bobby’ Crimo,” Carlson said as a photo of the suspect appeared on the screen. ‘Would you like to sell a gun to that man? Does he seem crazy? Of course he does. So why didn’t anyone sound the alarm? Well, maybe because he didn’t stand out.”

“Maybe because there are a lot of young men in America who suddenly look and act a lot like this man. That’s not an attack; it’s just true,” Carlson said. The Fox host then identified the things besides social media, porn, video games and “government-approved weed” that he believes led to the disturbing behavior of these young men.

“They are sedated by the endless psychotropic drugs being handed out at every school in the country by crackpots posing as counselors. And of course they are angry. They know that their lives will not be better than their parents’. They’ll be worse,” Carlson said.

‘And yet the authorities in their lives – mostly women – never stop lecturing them about their so-called privilege. ‘You are a man, you are privileged.’” Carlson imitated. “Imagine that. Try to imagine an unhealthier, more unhappy life than that. So many young men in America are going crazy. Are you surprised?”

Returning to the subject of drugs, Carlson said of the men he described that “an alarmingly large number of them have been given psychotropic drugs from their doctors — SSRIs or antidepressants.”

“And that includes quite a few mass shooters,” he said, before listing several instances of mass shootings by young men taking prescription drugs.

“So there’s a connection? Well, we don’t know for sure,” Carlson said. “We do know that many more of these drugs are being used by children than ever before.”

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