National Hurricane Center Looks at 3 Tropical Waves in the Atlantic Basin

After Tropical Storm Colin Turned up as an unwelcome holiday surprise Saturday off the coast of the Carolinas, the tropics are now quiet.

According to the latest advice from the . no new tropical cyclones expected in the next five days National Hurricane Center† But as the weekend proved, circumstances can change quickly.

The Hurricane Center is monitoring three tropical waves in the Atlantic basin, including two in the Caribbean.

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Follow all active storms

Forecast of excessive rainfall

In the Pacific Ocean, Hurricane Bonnie has grown into a Category 2 storm, with winds of 105 mph.

Bonnie was a tropical storm before it left the Caribbean, crossed Central America and returned the favor of early hurricane season when Hurricane Agatha moved eastward from the Pacific to the Atlantic basin.

That storm swept through Florida as potential tropical cyclone one, leaving torrential rains behind before strengthening in Tropical Storm Alex in the Atlantic Ocean.

“There have been nearly 20 officially recognized crossover storms — meaning they have tracked across both the Eastern Pacific and Atlantic basins. Another 20 or so may have crossed, but were never officially recognized as such,” AccuWeather Senior weather editor Jesse Ferrell said.

The next name for this hurricane season is Danielle.

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Here’s the latest update from the NHC as of July 8: July 5

What’s out there and where are they?

Tropical wave 1: A tropical wave in the eastern Atlantic Ocean is located southwest of Cape Verde. It’s moving west.

Tropical wave 2: Another tropical wave in the eastern Caribbean west of Grenada. It is also moving west.

Tropical wave 3: A third tropical wave is located in the western Caribbean off the coast of Honduras. It’s moving west.

What are the chances of them getting stronger?

Tropical wave 1: There is currently no information available for this system.

Two tropical waves in the Caribbean July 5, 2022.

Two tropical waves in the Caribbean July 5, 2022.

Tropical wave 2: Seas have increased to 8 to 11 feet in the Southwestern Caribbean. The wave is expected to cross the Gulf of Honduras early today, moving into the Yucatan Peninsula from today through tonight.

Behind the gulf, strong winds and high seas will sweep across western Caribbean waters today until midday, then gradually decrease until mid-week.

Tropical wave 3: The next tropical wave will sweep across the eastern Caribbean today and the central Caribbean on Wednesday and Thursday. Winds and seas will increase again over the south-central Caribbean on Thursday as high pressures increase north of the area after the wave.

Who is likely to be affected?

It is too early at this point to determine whether the tropical waves will have any impact on the US.

Forecasters are urging all residents to keep an eye on the tropics and always be prepared during what is expected to be an active hurricane season.

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The next five days

Check out the National Hurricane Center’s five-day graphical tropical weather forecast below.

Forecast of excessive rainfall

What’s out there?

Systems currently monitored by the National Hurricane Center.

What’s next?

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This article originally appeared on Naples Daily News: NHC: 2 tropical waves in the Caribbean, 1 in the Eastern Atlantic

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