Mountain West shouldn’t worry too much about losing members

Will a Mountain West team overshoot?

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What can the competition do?

College athletics is now just crazy with any league not called the Big Ten, overrun with UCLA and USC leave for the Pac-12.

These moves will have a ripple effect as the Big Ten may want to get even bigger with Notre Dame on their radar. The Fighting Irish have always been the white whale for a conference to land them. Currently, the Big Ten are waiting for them before possibly going after Washington and Oregon.

ESPN’s Pete Thamel sees the next set of steps as a big team is looking to stay afloat at the top of the cash pile. This isn’t an escape per se, but a “pull-up” with the “best features” finding an even better landing spot to print even more money.

The Mountain West has yet to release any statement about what’s going on in the world of college athletics.

With all the big players shaking the board themselves, the Mountain West may be inclined to think their league is safe from poaching, at least for now. Commissioner Craig Thompson must be vigilant and keep in touch with his members.

At this point, it looks like the news is where the Pac-12 schools are headed when that league falls apart. The options are everywhere and a lot has to do with Oregon and Washington leaving

Rumors and reports say the Pac-12 isn’t currently looking at any of the Mountain West schools to add, but again, that could change if the two major Northwest schools leave.

Even if the Huskies and Ducks leave, the Big 12 can invade and de Arizona and Rocky Mountain schools, which is an option reported

That could mean the Pac-12 is falling apart and the Mountain West may be able to land a few teams like Oregon State and Washington State.

Mountain West teams are almost always clamoring to move to a bigger league, but right now there are really only two major football leagues with the SEC and Big Ten. The rest is a step down and the Pac-12 without USC and UCLA is just slightly better than the Mountain West.

However, Fresno State, San Diego State, Boise State and others would still love to jump into that league if the right teams are there.

Making predictions in rescheduling is bullshit, literally, everything is on the table after UCLA and USC now have conference games in New Jersey, Illinois and Maryland.

However, if I put my foot in my mouth, there’s a good chance the Mountain West will be fine – whatever that means in this changing landscape – with the membership likely not changing within the league.

The big caveat that could depend if the Mountain West teams lose really falls on Oregon and Washington’s potential move. If those schools stay, Mountain West will have trouble losing a few teams, but if they go, look for the conference and probably add Washington State and Oregon State for a small upgrade.



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