Inside a TikTok-famous luxury caravan with an office, laundry room, 6-seater sofa and fireplace

Screenshots of the TikToker with its trailer and a screenshot of the office in the trailer.

Lautner’s video has more than 17 million views on TikTok.Glory Lautner via TikTok

  • TikToker Glory Lautner went viral with a tour of her Orlando, Florida mobile home.

  • Lautner said people often rate trailers, but she wanted to challenge the stereotypes.

  • The trailer in her video featured a six-seater sofa, flat screen TV, office and laundry room.

TikToker Glory Lautner wanted to challenge preconceptions about what life in a trailer is really like.

A photo of Lautner and a photo of the back door of her trailer

Lautner said people often don’t want to live in caravans because they are seen as “cheap.”Lautner via TikTok

Glory Lautner, a TikToker with 126,000 followers, posted a tour of her mobile home on June 8, complete with a flat-screen TV and six-seat sofa.

Lautner, who? mostly messages lifestyle content on the app, said during the tour that some people won’t live in a trailer because it’s “cheap”, but by showing the house she wanted to show that she is capable of living comfortably.

The videowhich has 17.7 million views, was merged with another video by a user called @itsandibitchh, which was heard saying, “I feel like trailers are being slept on, and they’re being rated.”

The video then cut to a clip of Lautner saying, “I’ve been waiting for this moment,” before showing viewers a tour of a mobile home in Orlando, Florida, where she said she lived.

“People can judge me all you want,” she said in the video, explaining that while some people may pay a lot of money for a “two-bedroom apartment,” she’s decided to live in a caravan instead.

The video sparked a debate in the comments about negative stereotypes surrounding mobile homes.

Screenshots of Lautner's TikToks.

Lautner has continued to post content about mobile home living.Lautner via TikTok.

Many commentators under Lautner’s first home tour video said they were surprised by how beautiful the mobile home was. A top commentary with 113,000 likes said it looked like “a mansion.”

Some suggested the shock, as well as comments about how dangerous living in a trailer was further evidence that trailer homes are often subject to stereotypes.

A top commentary with 122,000 likes said, “The people in the comments prove that trailers are rated.”

Inside, the trailer had a spacious kitchen with stone countertops and a dining table.

Screenshots of the kitchen.

The kitchen was equipped with a dining table, oven and refrigerator.Glory Lautner via TikTok

Lautner started the video by showing viewers around a kitchen in the house, which had a dining table and two chairs, a refrigerator and an oven.

“This is my trailer. You know the one that people won’t live in because it’s cheap or whatever,” she said in the video, as she was able to walk around the spacious kitchen with her camera.

The living room had a six seater sofa and a flat screen TV.

Lautner's living room

There turned out to be a fireplace under the TV in the house.Lautner via TikTok

Lautner then filmed the living room in the house, which showed a gray L-shaped six-seater sofa section, with pillows and a blanket on top.

Opposite the sofa was a wall with a built-in fireplace that also hung a large flat screen TV.

In a previous TikTok posted on May 10, which has 100,000 views, Lautner said she and her husband installed the TV and fireplace into the wall themselves and shared photos of the process in her video.

There was also space for an office and a laundry room.

The office and laundry room.

The laundry room turned out to have both a washing machine and a dryer.Lautner via TikTok

At one point in the video, a pink-themed room was also featured, which Lautner said was her office. It has a dressing table and mirror on one side and a desk and chair on the other.

Lautner also filmed a room with a washer and dryer, as well as some baskets and plants in it, which she says acted as the laundry room in the space.

Lautner said the trailer featured a spare bedroom.

The two bedrooms and a bathroom.

Lautner said the second bedroom was for guests.Lautner via TikTok

At one point during the video, Lautner pointed to a locked door in the middle of a hallway in the house and said it was a “guest room,” but she didn’t film anything behind the door.

She also showed viewers the inside of a bedroom, where she said she and her husband were sleeping, which had green walls, a double bed, shelves and two chairs in it.

Lautner filmed a bathroom in the space and said it was the “guest bathroom,” but she didn’t clarify if there was another bathroom.

The outside of the trailer featured a large lawn.

Photos of the house from the outside.

Lautner showed a look at the house from the outside in a second video.Lautner via TikTok

In a separate TikTok video Lautner, posted on June 9, which has 1.7 million views, said she received thousands of responses asking her to reveal what the exterior of the house looked like.

The TikToker filmed itself inside the house before walking out, showing a lawn surrounded by fences.

Lautner told viewers she pays to rent the land and house in the video, saying the land costs an additional $700 per month. She said the land price was “such a bargain for all this space and all this privacy,” as she filmed the large lawn and exterior of the mobile home.

The TikToker also described the trailer as “long,” in the video, showing a clip of itself standing next to one of its windows. Lautner said she is six feet tall, but explained that she “still can’t see through the window” when standing next to it due to the height of the house.

Lautner said she and her husband see life in a caravan as an investment.

A screenshot of Glory Lautner's face.

Lautner has continued to post content about mobile home living.Glory Lautner via TikTok

In a video posted by Lautner on June 16, the TikToker said she believed she was making an investment by choosing to rent a mobile home.

“Because we own something so cheap, we can afford so much more, like going on a trip,” she said.

In her video, Lautner told viewers that she rents her mobile home for just $508 a month. (Insider was unable to verify this figure.)

In June, Fox 35 reported that: the median rent in Florida, where Lautner said she is based, is $1,827 for a one-bedroom apartment, according to media company data RentPath.

Mobile homes are becoming increasingly popular, despite a sense of stigma.

A photo of the exterior of Lautner's house.

According to Lautner, she pays $508 a month to rent the trailer.Lautner via TikTok

Lautner used the term “trailer” to describe the house in her video. The term usually refers to a prefabricated house, such as a mobile or fabricated house. However, mobile homes can also include recreational vehicles and RVs.

As Insider previously reported Mobile homes are becoming trendy and desirable, seen as an affordable alternative to renting a home, with 20% of Americans saying they are more interested in buying or renting a RV during the pandemic in a 2020 questionnaire of the motorhome industry association.

Glory Lautner did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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