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What they really do on July 5th

From July 3, 2022, CERN will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the discovery of the Higgs boson, with collisions at “unprecedented energy levels” planned for the 5th – note: CERN’s good scientists don’t expect to “open a portal”, as some have. suggested.

Having TikTokers of a certain belief took the opportunity to warn their listeners from “timeline shifts”, “Mandela effects”, “vortexes in the sky”, and “things of that nature”.

It is true that CERN’s flagship accelerator will be home to a major particle blast on July 5. However, talking about “spiritual entities” passing through “portals” may be less helpful than explaining the science.

So, what is CERN planning for July 5 and why are people obsessed with the idea that the nuclear research organization plans to open a portal to another dimension?

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What is CERN celebrating on July 3-5?

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider has been home to countless experiments since its construction in 2008.

The Higgs boson, also known as the Higgs boson, is an elementary particle. Peter Higgs was the first to suggest it might exist, hence the name.

Physicist Leon Lederman named it the “God particle” in 1993, which gives you an idea of ​​its significance to those working in the field.

Higgs bosons are hard to find. It takes a lot of energy to make one, and they don’t last very long† On July 4, 2012, scientists were working on the Large Hadron Collider explained they had discovered a particle they thought was a Higgs boson. She confirmed the discovery the following year, after more testing.

So the events that CERN has planned for three days in July celebrate the tenth anniversary of that discovery.

What is CERN planning for the 10-year anniversary of the discovery of the Higgs boson?

CERN invites people around the world to participate in a “historic week” for particle physics.

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On July 3, 2022, the Globe of Science and Innovation will host a special evening with filmmakers Mark Levinson and Walter Murch, who made the documentary Particle Fever. After the film screening there will be a panel discussion; a live webcast will be available online. Find more information here

Then, on July 4, a full-day scientific symposium will take place in the main hall of CERN. Speakers include the Director General of CERN. Find information about the event and the webcast here

And finally, on July 5, CERN will start “Run 3”. This is a new era of data collection at the Large Hadron Collider, na three years of upgrade and maintenance work† You can also tune into this via CERN’s social media channels or via satellite connection. Find relevant links here: facebookYouTubeInstagramLinkedIn

What is the CERN portal theory of July 5, 2022 about?

Social media users on TikTok and YouTube have taken the opportunity presented by CERN’s July 5, 2022 Run 3 initiation to spread baseless theories about a “portal” opening into “other dimensions”.

TikTok and YouTube creator Spiritual Battle has put together a series of videosalso from other users, making various claims about what CERN plans to accomplish on July 5.

The first jet at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN was successfully sent around 17 miles (27 kilometers) from the most powerful in the world.

“Get ready for timeline shifts, Mandela effects,” says one. “You’re going to see a lot more than you’ve ever seen.”

“Look for many different kinds of Mandela effects,” warns another, “vortexes in the air, that sort of thing. They’re going to reboot CERN at the highest energy level ever in that reactor.”

Are the claims about CERN opening a portal or building Jacob’s Ladder on July 5, 2022 true?

Parts of what some conspiracy theorists say about CERN are true. For example, it is true that the ATLAS and CMS detectors at CERN expect to register “more collisions” during Run 3 “than in the two previous LHC physics runs combined”.

The collider reaches a new world record for energy of 13.6 trillion electron volts (13.6 TeV) in some of its collisions. An electron volt is the measure of an amount of kinetic energy. A flying mosquito has about a trillion electron volts of energy, according to that from CERN word list

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But claims regarding a so-called “plan” to open “portals” through which “spiritual beings” could pass on July 5, 2022 – and which relate CERN’s activities to biblical prophecies – does little to help us understand what is really going on. is at the Large Hadron Collider.

Reddit users discussed it in a forum on the topic† And, as some point out, vast numbers of high-energy cosmic rays have hit Earth for as long as it has existed. Generating a few more in an underground tunnel is unlikely to massively affect us.

Another turd comments, “I’ve never heard anyone explain why this would happen, except ‘because CERN’.”

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