Moment Draymond Green Knew He Won Jaylen Brown’s Heart in NBA Finals

The moment Draymond knew he captured Brown’s heart in Finals originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

Draymond Green knows the exact moment when he captured Jaylen Brown’s heart in the NBA Finals series against the Boston Celtics.

In a live crossover event Between the podcasts “The Old Man and the Three” and “The Draymond Green Show,” former NBA star JJ Redick asked Green why he grabbed and pulled Brown’s pants in a Game 2 entanglement between the two stars, to which Green responded with two reasons, one that got a laugh from the live audience.

“It’s the same reason I got kicked out of the f-king NBA Finals,” Green said. “No one is just going to step over me, I’m sorry. I have a kid watching at home… Like how am I supposed to explain to DJ’s daddy why that guy is standing over you while you’re lying on the floor?” Like I can’t explain that What I can explain is why I pull on him I can explain that I don’t want my two daughters to see a man standing over me I can’t respect that So why am I pulling the short pants? It’s because my core isn’t tight enough to stand myself up, so I used the shorts to get me up.”

Green knew he was getting inside Brown’s head after the Celtics star spoke to the media after the game.

“When Jaylen Brown got into the media and said, ‘He tried to pull my pants down,’ I knew I captured his heart,” Green added. “I knew I had stolen his heart. And not that I’ll have it next year. I have to get it back next year and the next time we play them, but I knew I had it for the rest of that series. Because you know you’re standing over me and you have to go to the media and say, ‘He tried to pull my pants down.’ Like come on, bro, you’re standing over me.”

Not only did Brown claim that Green was trying to pull his pants down, but he also confidently exclaimed: Boston Wasn’t Afraid of the Warriorswhich Golden State took note.

“Another thing he said and I sent it to our team, he said, ‘We’re not afraid of the Golden State Warriors,'” said Green. “I sent it to our team in the group chat and said, ‘We ARE scared of the Golden State Warriors,’” said Green.

‘Since no one has asked you, are you all afraid of us? Why are you talking about that? He says, ‘We are not afraid of them. We will do this and we will do that.’ I knew at that moment. I’m like, yeah, this is baby food and this is over and we’re going to walk out of here with a championship.

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It turns out that Green was right. The Celtics weren’t exactly “baby food,” but the Warriors settled their business and won their fourth championship in eight seasons.

We’ll see how Brown and the Celtics react when the two teams face each other twice in the 2022-23 regular season.

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