Should the Boston Celtics try to use their $17.1 million player exception to bring Kelly Olynyk back?

The Boston Celtics are looking for talent to add to their team in their quest to return to the NBA Finals for a second consecutive season, as they hope to use such a rerun to put them in a position to win the legendary franchise’s 18th banner.

Armed with the exception of $17.1 million for traded players (TPE) generated by the signing-and-trade veteran wing Evan Fournier to the New York Knicks that can take a player’s salary plus $100,000 without the need to return the salary, the team seeks help in the frontcourt, on the wing and handling the ball.

And among the many reviews of which player would best suit such a resource, a familiar face ticks off some good reasons for the Celtics to consider bringing him back.

That familiar face is none other than big man Kelly Olynyk, who according to Bleacher Report’s Andy Bailey would be a solid option for Boston’s big TPE.

“Assuming they guarantee Al Horford’s $26.5 million salary for 2022-23, the Boston Celtics will return every key rotation player from the team that just made the NBA Finals,” Bailey suggests.

“And that group is already one of the deepest and most balanced in the league.”

If there are two spots they can bolster with a $17.2 million trade exception, it could be backup point guard or backup 5 (the roles currently occupied by Payton Pritchard and Daniel Theis),” he adds. ready.

“Kelly Olynyk is a good way to go for one of those boxes. He plans to make $12.8 million next season (fits into that trade exception), is currently on a team that should transfer more responsibility to the young core, and is one of the more underrated players in the league.”

“For his career, Olynyk averaged 3.5 assists, 2.0 threes and 2.0 offensive rebounds per 75 possession,” Bailey wrote. “No one in the history of the league matches or exceeds all three points.”

The B/R author makes a compelling case for the fit, and the story surrounding such a reunion would be almost cinematic for fans who remember the Kamloops native making it against the playoffs not too long ago. Washington Wizards had.

It’s unclear whether Detroit will value its production as part of their core going forward, but with Marvin Bagley and Isaiah Stewart already under contract and a massive amount of cap space before 2022 free agency, the Celtics would be wise to inquire about it. the former Boston availability of the big man.

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