‘Not completely out of character’

Immediately following the first hour of Tuesday last minute bomb testimonial From Cassidy Hutchinson, former aide to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, to the Jan. 6 committee, Fox News’ chief political anchor Bret Baier said unequivocally that the revelations about Donald Trump’s actions on that day in 2021 were both “stunning” and “stunning”. compe

“This is all firsthand, so it’s hers to listen to,” Baier added. “That’s why it’s so compelling. And that may be why we had this hearing that came out of nowhere.”

But moments later, his fellow anchor Martha MacCallum seemed to undermine that characterization by dismissing the details about Trump’s arguably excessive behavior as “not quite out of character.”

While MacCallum said Hutchinson comes across as “very credible” and appears to have a “great memory” of what happened on January 6, 2021, she wasn’t entirely sure it would tell the American people anything new about Trump.

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“All of this is, of course, compelling, it’s very dramatic, it was clearly a very difficult day for her and for everyone involved and everyone who witnessed it,” she continued. “But the question is, in Justice Department terms, does it move the ball at all about any legal action they could take?”

When her colleague Sandra Smith told the story of Trump throwing his lunch plate against the wall in frustration after the Secret Service refused to let him join the Capitol riot, complete with ketchup dripping off the wall, MacCallum said: I don’t know. sure if it really shocks anyone that just knowing what we’ve seen, the president observed him over the years if he got mad, that he’d throw his lunch away.

While it’s a “very dramatic detail,” she said, “I’m not sure it fits at all with the Donald Trump and President Trump people have come to know over the years. And there are a lot of people who clearly share his feelings of frustration over the course of those days.”

MacCallum didn’t say whether or not it was in “character” for Trump to… take the wheel off the back seat of his presidential limousine or “lunge at” the throat of his chief Secret Service agent, as Hutchinson also testified on Tuesday.

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