Machine Gun Kelly Reveals He Nearly Tried To Kill Himself While On The Phone With Megan Fox During A ‘Dark’ Time After His Dad’s Death

megan fox in a low cut dress with a thigh split and flowers on the sleeves with machine gun kelly, a sparkly shirt and a cropped blazer with spikes on the shoulders and arms on the billboard music awards red carpet

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly attended the 2022 Billboard Music Awards together.Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for MRC

  • Machine Gun Kelly related an incident where he put a loaded shotgun in his mouth.

  • In his new documentary, the singer said he was on the phone with Megan Fox at the time.

  • He said the moment was a wake-up call for him to “get off the drugs” for Fox and his daughter.

Machine Gun Kelly told of an incident where he put a loaded shotgun in his mouth while speaking to his now-fiancé Megan Fox on the phone.

In his new Hulu documentary “Machine Gun Kelly’s Life in Pink,” Released Monday, the singer, whose real name is Colson Baker, spoke about how his father’s death in July 2020, which occurred on the anniversary of his album “Hotel Diablo”, affected him. After his father’s death, Kelly said he had a meeting with one of his father’s neighbors who told him “all these things I didn’t want to hear” and his condition worsened because he was unable to “shut down” after his father died. the conversation.

“I didn’t want to leave my room and I started to get very, very, very dark,” he said. “Megan went to Bulgaria to shoot a movie. I started to have a really wild paranoia, like I was getting paranoid that someone was coming to kill me.”

Kelly said he was sleeping with a shotgun next to his bed at the time. In the end, he said he “just fucking snapped.” He called Fox and told her she wasn’t “here for me.”

An image of Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox.

Machine gun Kelly and Megan Fox.Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

“I’m in my room and I’m going crazy in here and… Dude, I put the gun in my mouth,” he said. He then said Fox was “dead still” when he tried to cock the shotgun and the bullet got stuck.

The singer said the incident was a wake-up call for him to “kick off the drugs, this time for real” for both Fox and his daughter, Casie Baker, who he shares with his ex Emma Cannon.

“That was kind of where I started to realize something isn’t right,” Kelly said in the documentary, pointing to his head.

Kelly has talked about his mental health in the past, Dave Franco telling for Interview magazine in December 2020 that he sought therapy.

“Right now my medicine of choice is happiness and dedication to the art, rather than dedication to a vice that I thought made art,” he said in the interview, saying that therapy helped him separate the “two people” who were Machine Gun Kelly and Colson Baker.

In his new documentary, the singer said that Fox, who he engaged in January, became to him “like the sun”. Kelly wrote his song “Twin Flame” for Fox, the singer said while dedicates his performance to her at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards.

“I know I’ve known her in so many other lifetimes,” he said in the documentary.

“Life in Pink” is currently available on Hulu

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