Two Reasons Draymond Green Says the Warriors’ San Francisco Parade Was the Best

Two Reasons Draymond Says Warriors SF Parade Was The Best originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

Draymond Green and the core warriors players who won three NBA championships while the team lived in Oakland love that city and Oracle Arena in particular. They were sad to leave a place that had such meaning in their lives.

And the first two years at Chase Center in San Francisco were bumpy. But the third season felt a lot like the last few in Oakland

The Warriors dominated their way through the NBA playoffs en route to a fourth NBA title in eight years, and the first since moving across the bay.

That meant San Francisco got to host the championship parade, which… caused an awkward moment for Green

“As you know, the parade was about a week ago and it was amazing,” Green said on the final episode of “The Draymond Green Show,” which aired on Sunday. “Why was the parade amazing? I have to be honest. After parades in Oakland, I was a little nervous because I just didn’t know what to expect. I’m the type of person, I like things to stay the same. I’m very shy, what most people would never believe when it comes to new people It doesn’t work well with me It takes me a while to get comfortable with people I just like things the same.

“I said all that to say, after three parades in Oakland and when I came to San Francisco and had a parade I was a little skeptical because I just didn’t know what to expect. And I love my Oakland family like Oakland will always be a second home to me I really grew up there and become a man Not really grown up We know I’m Saginaw Michigan through and through baby That doesn’t change But I grew into a man in the city of Oakland. So that place will always have a special place in my heart. Never change.”

And as has become normal, everyone wants people to rank their achievements. For members of Dub Nation, ranking the Warriors’ four titles over the past eight years can be like trying to pick a favorite kid. But Green played the game anyway.

“But if I rank parades because we live in this society that’s always trying to rank and compare stupid things, I think that might have been the best parade,” Green said. “Why was it the best parade? For a few reasons.

“Number one, Steph Curry behaved and you never see that. Like when we won before, Steph didn’t act. Steph acted. Klay Thompson acted. This guy, by the way, I know we’ve all seen the video or if you watch the video If you haven’t seen it then go to your Instagram and see the video of Klay Thompson tripping, the guy tripped five steps, then he runs over the girl and immediately catches his balance, which is the amazing part.You hit this girl and so come You’re off balance. If that girl wasn’t there, the girl who ran over Klay Thompson, it’s going to end badly for Klay.”

Lucky for Thompson and the wife, everyone seemed fine† But after everything that happened at the parade, that was Green’s favorite.

“Honestly, he ran over the girl and saved himself,” Green said. “That was definitely the highlight of the parade. Or maybe Klay Thompson had lost one of his rings.”

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Having seen a parade in San Francisco’s Market Street, Green knows exactly what to expect if the Warriors win consecutive titles next season.

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