Sunny Hostin Says She’s Anti-Abortion Without Exceptions, Even In Incest Cases – But Is Against Deer Reversal

The view host Sunny Hostin takes it online for revealing her personal stance on abortion in light of Roe v. Wade being declared unconstitutional.

According to several outlets, including: Variety and HollywoodLifereported how Hostin surprised The view panel when she said she doesn’t believe in abortion, even in extreme and dangerous situations.

“The court is basically saying it’s time to welcome all this new life, but we can shoot them down with our newly available, completely unlimited weapons,” she said initially to show that she believes in a separation between individual decision-making and federal law. “It’s unbelievable that precedent doesn’t seem to matter anymore.”

But then she said, ‘I don’t believe in abortion at any point. I don’t believe in an exception to that.” A shocked Sarah Haines then asked if she had included incest. Hostin said she did.

“That’s considered very radical by a lot of people, and it’s because I’m Catholic and that’s my faith,” Hostin continued. “And, you know, the judges – there will be six Catholics on the bench, and there will be two Protestants, because the newest judge, Ketanji Brown Jackson, is Protestant and there will be one person with a Jewish faith. And so this has always been a very hard decision for me, but what’s not hard for me is the fact that this is an activist Supreme Court and they shouldn’t be making the law based on their faith. And even though I agree [Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito] about the sanctity of life… but the fact that he’s clearly using and wielding his religion is pretty awful.”

People sounded shocked and irritated by Hostin’s stance on abortion. One wrote: Sunny doesn’t believe in abortion, even if the woman was raped” with dazzling emojis. Another wrote: “Then @Sunny wouldn’t have an abortion. See how easy that is?”

“Here we go… Sunny ‘I don’t believe in an abortion exception!’ Like just stfu!” wrote another commenter. “We know your Catholic, but you… I just can’t.”

Another wrote: “I don’t think we’re going to talk about all the nuns who were forced to get abortions from the priest who raped them. @Sunny this whole I’m a Catholic [talking point] is a farce!”

“Then Sunny shouldn’t have an abortion, which she understands. And so this has always been a really difficult discussion for me, but what’s not difficult for me is the fact that this is an activist Supreme Court and they shouldn’t have to decide the law based on their beliefs.'” wrote another, seemingly supporting Hostin’s statement about the law not standing in the way of personal ideology.

In general, fans are unhappy with Hostin’s decision to voice her inflammatory stance on abortion at a critical, highly emotional moment. We’ll have to see later how much this can damage Hostin’s cache on viewers.

Watch a clip below:

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