Kyrie Irving expected to leave Nets via opt-in-and-trade

In what seemed like attempts by Kyrie Irving to exert influence during a contract negotiation with the Nets, a series of reports discussed the possibility that he leave Brooklyn this summer.

But has the situation escalated beyond negotiations to the point where Irving is actually going elsewhere?

Shams Charania from Stadium:

There is now an expectation that Kyrie Irving will now soon move into finding a new home through an opt-in-and-trade potential situation.

I’m not sure how carefully Charania chose his words. He did not specify Who expects Irving to continue with an opt-in-and-trade.

But if those involved or even people from across the league really expect Irving to leave – the impression this report gives – that’s a huge development.

Irving has a player option of $36,934,550 that he must make a decision before June 29. Although the free agency doesn’t open until the next day, sometimes backroom discussions start early. If Irving goes out via opt-in-and-trade, the wheels are probably well on the way.

Some key questions:

Which team will Irving get?

Irving reportedly gave Brooklyn a list of teams that includes the Lakers, Clippers, Knicks, Heat, Mavericks and 76ers. He is in charge, because he must choose to facilitate this deal. But the other team must want Irving and comply with the nets.

What will Irving’s next team send to Brooklyn?

The Nets will want to be compensated for facilitating Irving’s exit, especially as they have the best chance of keeping Kevin Durant is to convince him that they can still build a contender around him.

What will Irving’s next deal be?

If Irving signs a contract extension when it trades, it could be worth up to $79,501,619 ($39,750,809 per year) in two years.

However, six months after the transaction, he was able to sign an extension worth between $197,034,880 and $198,560,141 (between $49,258,720 and $49,640,035) annually.*

*The exact amount will depend on where the 2023-24 salary cap ends up.

The smaller, immediate expansion may not appease Irving. After all, he would leave the Nets—which had been his favorite team—for money. Heck, that might not even be more than Brooklyn offers.

But teams might be hesitant to trade for Irving without assurances that he would stay for the long haul. If Irving chooses without an extension, he will have an expiring contract. Even if Irving promises to sign the bigger extension in six months, the team would be risky to trust someone like that volatile

So a lot has to come together before everyone approves an opt-in-and-trade. Very possible. Especially if that’s what Irving wants. But despite all the hurdles, I still wouldn’t be surprised if he stays with the Nets with a contract he’s not happy with.

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