Kemba Walker, Pistons to discuss buyout allowing him to hit free agency

Adrian Wojnarowski: Kemba Walker and the Pistons are expected to negotiate a contract waiver that will allow him to become a free agent, sources tell ESPN. Walker landed with Detroit as part of three-way trade with Charlotte and New York
Source: Twitter @wojespn

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Ian BegleyIanBegley
Kemba Walker will be sent to Pistons by NYK in a deal that landed Jalen Duren in Detroit, sources confirm. If the deal is done, NYK loses Walker’s 2022-23 salary, but essentially has to make a first round pick to do it. † 21:55

Sopan DebSopanDeb
Kemba Walker makes sense if Celtics is a backup point guard, right? † 21:55

Adrian Wojnarowskiwojespn
Kemba Walker and the Pistons are expected to negotiate a contract waiver that will allow him to become a free agent, sources tell ESPN. Walker landed with Detroit as part of a three-way trade with Charlotte and New York. † 21:47

Fred KatzFredKatz
A big part of the trade in Kemba Walker: If the Knicks waive Ryan Arcidiacono’s cap hold and waive Taj Gibson, whose 2022-23 salary isn’t guaranteed, they could open $20 million in cap room. † 21:46

James Edwards IIIJLEdwardsIII
So to break it all down… by sources: The pistons receive Jalen Duren (and Keep Ivey) and Kemba Walker from Knicks.
They are sending the 2025 first from Milwaukee, via Portland, in Grant deal. † 21:44

Fred KatzFredKatz
In the midst of all the craziness, one thing to note: After a season of sitting on the couch, returning, warming up, cooling down and then sitting for the last month and a half, Kemba Walker finally has a new home. † 21:43

Steve PopperSteve Popper
Well, if you’re a Detroit fan, I heard they loved Duren – and they got it without giving up Ivey… and I have no idea what’s happening, except Kemba lost his salary. † 21:40

Ryan McDonoughMcDNBA
The Knicks move away from Kemba Walker’s $9.16 million salary and also remove late lottery pick salary from their cap sheet
It’s a good start for creating over $20 million in cap space – to chase Jalen Brunson and other top free agents – but they still have work to do – 21:38

Omari Sanfoka IIomarisankofa
According to sources, the Pistons have acquired Jalen Duren and Kemba Walker from the New York Knicks and are sending the Milwaukee first round for 2025, which they took over from Portland yesterday, to Charlotte. † 21:37

Wes Goldbergwcgoldberg
so basically Detroit traded Jerami Grant for Jalen Duren (and Kemba Walker). Do I have that right? † 21:36

James Edwards IIIJLEdwardsIII
It sounds like Ivey is staying put, Duren is going to Detroit and Pistons are taking over Kemba’s contract and giving up the choice they’ve been given in the Jerami trade.
So from now on, Pistons are leaving the draft night with Ivey and Duren. Wow. † 21:32

Mike RichmanMikegrich
That 2025 Milwaukie pick has been on its way. It was in Jrue Holiday’s trade, CJ McCollum’s trade, Jerami Grant’s trade and now it looks like it will be in Kemba/Jalen Duren’s trade. † 21:32

Mark DeeksMarkDeeksNBA
So wait, in total they traded Jerami Grant for Kemba Walker, Javier Duren and two seconds? † 21:31

Keith SmithKeith Smith NBA
Poor Kemba. Just being scattered around. † 21:29

Jake FischerJakeLFischer
Sounds like Kemba Walker is involved in this… – 21:28

James PlowrightBritish_Buzz
In Steve Clifford’s 5-year stint as head coach, Charlotte averaged 12th in defense in the NBA, with Al Jefferson and Kemba Walker leading the team within minutes.
Cliff can crush the coach’s defense.
Defensive transition + few mistakes + protect the paint – 11:02 am

Justin Kubatkojkubatko
📅 On this day in 2011, the @Cleveland Cavaliers selected Kyrie Irving with the first overall pick in the NBA Draft.
Players in this concept account for 31 All-Star nods:
7 – Irving
6 – Jimmy Butler
5 – Kawhi Leonard
5 – Klay Thompson
4 – Kemba Walker
2 – Isaiah Thomas
2 – Nikola Vucevic am

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