Students thought ‘maths long’; Check comments

JEE Main 2022 Analysis: Students Found 'Maths Long';  Check comments

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JEE Key 2022 Analysis: The Joint Admission Examination (JEE) 2022 Main Morning Service has ended. The candidates who tried the BE/BTech paper today analyzed it a bit easy, with math being difficult. Saransh Sharma, a JEE Main 2022 aspirant told: Career360 that math was a bit long, while physics and chemistry were quite difficult, “It took me a lot of time to solve the math part, but I finished the whole paper. JEE Main 2022 Live

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According to Disha Arora, chemistry was the easiest, followed by physics. “The math paper was analyzed as difficult and long,” she said. Simran, another JEE lead aspirant, also analyzed the math portion as difficult. “I expect good score in JEE Main and want admission into Delhi Technological University (DTU),” she said.

Saurabh Kumar, Chief Academic Officer, Vidyamandir Classes analyzed the JEE Main paper with some difficulty. The math part was the most difficult while chemistry and physics were analyzed as easy. “There were more questions about organic chemistry than about inorganic chemistry. Mathematics was difficult, physics had few analytical questions,” said the expert.

Ramesh Batlish, head, FIITJEE Noida analyzed the JEE Main 2022 paper as moderately difficult. according to mr. Batlish was “Intermediate Mathematics, while Chemistry was the easiest of the three subjects.”

JEE Main 2022: Sectional Paper Analysis

  1. Mathematics – Intermediate level. Questions were asked from chapters, mainly from Calculus, Coordinate Geometry, Algebra, Vector and 3D Geometry. Few numerically based questions required long calculations. Weight was given to Calculus. and vectors. Numerical-based questions were reported for a long time by few students
  2. Physics – Easy to moderate level. Questions of kinematics, optics, electrostatics, magnetism, current electricity, communication systems, heat and thermodynamics, modern physics. Few numerical-based questions had long calculations, but were simple. Few theory-based questions from Class 12 chapters of NCERT have been asked
  3. Chemistry – Easy level. Questions dealt with chapters such as Mole concept, Chemistry in everyday life, Chemical bonding, Coordination connections. Heat and thermodynamics. Physical chemistry is usually asked in numerical questions. More weight given to inorganic chemistry among the rest and questions were based on NCERT.

The JEE main exam will be held on June 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29 in various centers in 501 cities across the country and 22 cities abroad.

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