The proposal photo that went viral.
The proposal photo that went viral.

“Hey, 186!” That was the line Michael Tennant ’13 used when he met Janine Latimosa ’14 at a party a few nights after helping her into her room (room 186) because she had locked herself out. Tennant, a resident assistant at that time, and Latimosa first met as undergraduate students at Pacific. Tennant recalled that “she hated me” but couldn’t help being attracted to her smile. Latimosa remembered that Tennant made her laugh throughout the night. “We must’ve talked for hours that night as if we’d been friends forever. Everything just clicked that night. It’s so hard to describe, but since then I looked forward to bumping into him around campus.”

Tennant proposed to Latimosa during the reception after the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, May 17, 2014 in front of family and friends. The proposal was caught on camera and went viral on Facebook with 759 likes, 3 shares, 13 comments, and the numbers are still growing.

“It still blows our minds today! I don’t think he thought about how many people would post pictures and videos or even how popular the picture would be. I’ve always told him that whatever he did to propose, to make sure that there was a picture and I’m so happy I got my picture,” said Latimosa

“I had told my dad that I had this image of me on one knee and her in her cap and gown. I told him I was going to make sure that the picture got captured. Sure enough we nailed it,” added Tennant.Tennant and Latimosa 4 resized

Tennant attended the Doctor of Pharmacy Graduation Banquet Dinner the night before with Latimosa to accept an award in honor of his recognition as Preceptor of the Year. Latimosa was celebrating her graduation from the program. When asked if he was nervous about the proposal,Tennant said “All of our friends and family had known beforehand. It was a bit funny because I think everyone who knew was more nervous than I was.” Tennant also met with Latimosa’s parents to ask for her hand in marriage prior to the proposal.

They have not set a specific wedding date but the couple is planning for their nuptials in summer of 2015 and have considered returning to campus to be married at Morris Chapel. “The biggest hurdle to this was I made Janine promise me to not do any wedding planning or research until after taking the pharmacy board exams,” said Tennant. They are planning a Tahitian honeymoon.




By Dua Her '09
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