Taya Malone ’12 is a leader among her peers, representing the Pharmacy Class of 2012 as the American Pharmacists Association (APhA), Academy of Student Pharmacists (ASP), President.

She graduated from DePauw University of Greencastle, Indiana, in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and later attended University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas earning her Secondary Teacher Certification. After teaching for two years at Alexander Hamilton Middle School, she moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to attend Drexel University College of Medicine where she did her post baccalaureate studies. During her time at Drexel she worked as a Student Researcher in the School’s Angiogenesis Research Laboratory and as a Project Associate for the Center for Obesity Research and Education.

Malone discovered her interest in Pharmacy while teaching in Houston. When she noticed that student attendance was low, often times due to illnesses because most of the students lived together, she invited a local pharmacist to speak about preventive care, infections, bed bugs, and more. She was also able to further her pre-pharmacy course work at Drexel. Although the program focused on students with an interest in medical school, she was able to work with the administrators in finding new ways to incorporate pharmacy.

At Pacific, Malone is a dedicated Student Ambassador to the Pacific Pharmacy Alumni Association and when she is not busy being ASP President, she is working at Target as an Executive Intern. Her responsibilities there included taking initiative in handling guest service issues related to prescription filling, data entry and drug utilization exception overrides, and developing, executing and evaluating projects that will positively and profitably impact the pharmacy, store and community. Recently, she hosted the Target Scholarship Competition where four student pharmacists each won a $4,000 scholarship.

Some of Malone’s greatest memories at Pacific are running for ASP President, being able to collaborate with student pharmacists on events and promoting American Pharmacist Month. Through ASP, student pharmacists participated in two episodes of the gameshow The Price is Right. After recording the episodes they organized an advertisement that reached nearly 4.5 million people on the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) resulting in another successful “AARP Meet the Pharmacist Day,” a national event.

“Through my leadership role as ASP President I was able to grow professionally and personally. I’ve been able to develop relationships through networking. I believe it will prepare me well to be a health care provider,” said Malone.

Malone will be doing her Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience rotation in Bakersfield this fall. She is interested in the pharmaceutical research and infectious diseases.

She is a committed member of Kappa Psi and plays on the Kappa Psi intramural basketball and football teams. Malone’s love for travel has taken her from her roots in Washington, DC to California but one thing is for sure, she will continue to grow and be successful wherever she goes.


By Dua Her '09
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