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On a brisk Saturday in October during Pacific Homecoming, 179 runners lined up at the starting line of the 11th annual Tiger Dash 5K and Half Mile Cub Run. Among the runners were a number of students from local schools. “This year our office was awarded a community grant through Kaiser Permanente to implement running […]


“We love what we do and we love doing it together as a family,” said Kevin Chan ’19. The spirit of camaraderie is interwoven throughout the rich history of the Alpha Psi chapter of Phi Delta Chi. In 2016 the chapter celebrated their 60th anniversary. This milestone was celebrated at the Alpha Psi Diamond Jubilee […]

Phi Delta Chi’s Alpha Psi Chapter Celebrates Their Diamond Anniversary

  1. February 02,2017 at 8:07 pm: Greg "The Animal" Matzen
    Let me add my plaudits to my Alpha Psi chapter of Phi Delta Chi. Dean Rowland and his First Lady, Helen, are woven deeep in the threads of my education and vocation. What a blessing to have been a student and officer of Alpha Psi while Dean Rowland over saw completion of a new campus North of the mighty Calaveras River, but serving as an Associate Professor as the second pharmacy law professor at the School of Pharmacy after beloved Brother Max Polinski and Director of Internships following in the Grand Poo Bah Ralph Saroyan's footsteps are honors and a privilege I shall always cherish. Thanks Pacific!! AAAE Brothers both now and forever!!!