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Dean's Blog

In February I had the honor of being inducted into the California Pharmacists Association (CPhA) Hall of Fame. Being an active member of professional organizations such as CPhA has afforded me so much more than I can explain in a few sentences. In essence, what I have learned is that as health care professionals we […]

Dean's Blog

We are each shaped by our experiences. For speech-language pathology alumna Judi Jewett ’95, MA, CCC-SLP an interaction with a young girl in Bosnia two decades ago provided a clear direction and focus to her passion for service. For audiology clinical instructor Kenneth D. Billheimer, AuD serving in the U.S. Army as an audiologist brought […]

Dean's Blog

This year the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and the University of the Pacific are celebrating a milestone. Sixty years ago the School of Pharmacy admitted the first class of 16 students with the promise that, by providing an outstanding education, they would become practice-ready pharmacists. The School’s founders also made […]

Letter from the Dean – Fall 2015

  1. October 04,2017 at 1:46 pm: Viboaddet
    Found a lump under my armpit. First it was small. The pain was not felt. Now rub and increasing. My friends such do not. The other day found out that it can be serious disease. But I think, obviously fatty lump. Found understandable information about this lump. Now I'm not afraid of bad diagnosis. Everything is clear and detail is written down to the smallest detail. Many have problems with the armpits. There are a lot of bacteria. Then formed balls. They can be painful, but not always. It is better to know in advance about this problem. Then there will be no fear of horror. Good, that now I understand this.
  2. November 20,2015 at 2:02 pm: John Acosta '90, Pharm.D.
    Dear Phil, As a graduate of UOP (Class of 90) I fondly look back at my years there with great admiration, and above all congratulate UOP School of Pharmacy on their sixty years as a preeminent school of pharmacy that has and continues to provide outstanding education for many. John Acosta, Pharm.D.

Dean's Blog

Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences: success-centered, leadership-focused and a powerful network. From the beginning of each of our programs, the School has held a major fundamental value that our programs should support the professions and their corresponding associations by empowering our alumni, students, faculty and staff. We believe that it is […]

Letter from the Dean – Spring 2015

Dean's Blog

As we begin a new year I feel like this is a great opportunity to share some of the exciting plans we have for the School and our programs. Like the School, the health care profession has seen tremendous growth in both the need for providers and in the number of institutions providing education programs […]