The Drug Awareness Committee (DAC) is a student organization at Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences that focuses on medication therapy management for seniors, and raising drug awareness for people of all ages.

DAC participated in March Madness by hosting Medication Therapy Management, MTM, sessions in Stockton and Lodi, participated in VN CARES Pacific Family Health Fair, presented on poison control for elementary school students at American Cancer Society Committee’s, ACSC, Linden Elementary science fair, presented Generation Rx at Cesar Chavez High School in Stockton, and more.

MTM sessions were offered at O’Connor Woods in Stockton and Hutchins Street Square Senior Center in Lodi to serve our senior population in managing their medications, checking for major interactions, assessing medication compliance and ensuring that our patients know the purpose and how to use their medications.

These MTM events have not only shown to be beneficial to the patient but also rewarding to students and preceptors as well. DAC would like to thank alumni and preceptors for their continued support of their events.


By Hong Huynh ‘12
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