sian carr-lopez-resizedIn April the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) announced the appointment of Dr. Sian Carr-Lopez ’85 as Fellow of ASHP. The ASHP Practitioner Recognition Program sought to recognize practitioners for their outstanding service to ASHP and contribution of excellence to the health-system pharmacy, including teaching, leadership, scholarly work, as well as clinical practice.

“I was so happy to learn that I was being recognized. It is extra special for me to have my contributions to the profession recognized by ASHP. In my view, this professional organization has been instrumental in moving the profession forward, and I am honored by their acknowledgment,” she said.

She attended the ASHP Summer Meeting, hosted in Minneapolis, MN, in June where she was formally recognized.

Dr. Carr-Lopez was also named the Doctor of Pharmacy class of 2013 Teacher of the Year. This marks the second year she has received this award. She was named Teacher of the Year in 2009.

Each year the graduating class is given the opportunity to vote for their top five faculty members. An overall rating is calculated to nominate five finalists which are turned over to the selection committee, which includes the dean and the most recent recipients of the Teacher of the Year and Runner-Up Teacher of the Year awards. The committee selects the winner.

“I am also grateful that they see me as a person who is doing my best for them, but may not hit the target on everything, and in those times, they are very forgiving,” said Dr. Carr-Lopez.

As an alumna and faculty member, she shares the same mission as the School which is to teach students that their first priority and purpose is to provide the best possible patient-care. “They must know, respect, and apply evidence-based medication therapy, keep up with the latest landmark clinical trials, and know that their purpose is to serve their patients and the other members of the team,” she said.

In her personal and professional development, Dr. Carr-Lopez finds inspirations from her “parents, Bill and Enid Carr, and my Pastor, Fr. Michael Downey. They truly ‘walk the talk’, love unconditionally, and they consistently remind me of my true purpose.”


By Dua Her '09
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