On October 14 – 18, 2012 the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) held the Annual Meeting and Exposition conference at McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois. The AAPS is a professional, scientific association with members in industry, academia, government, and other research institutes across the globe. Lu Xu ’13 attended the conference to give her presentation titled “Molecular Docking, Synthesis of Novel Quinazoline Analogues as Inhibitors of Transcription Factors NF-kappaB Activation and their Anti-cancer Activities.” She received the AAPS25 Award and the AAPS Graduate Student Symposium Award in Drug Design and Discovery. “The AAPS Graduate Student Symposium award proves my own strength in research and in drug discovery. This makes me more confident in my future career,” said Xu.

The AAPS25 Award is a competition aimed at identifying the greatest challenges for pharmaceutical sciences and AAPS in the next 25 years. The AAPS Graduate Student Symposium Award in Drug Design and Discovery program is designed to recognize excellence in graduate education in the fields of drug discovery and development interface.

Xu earned her bachelor of science degree in applied chemistry at Sun Yat-sen University in China before coming to Pacific. This year Xu received three awards which included the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Student Travel Award, the President’s Award and the Student Award of Excellence. “Pacific has a very good Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences Program. I am proud to be a doctoral student in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences Program here. The course setting includes drug development and approval process for new drugs, pharmacology, and drug design that has helped me in basic knowledge learning,” said Xu.

She said her education at Pacific provided training in the “industrial process and methodology, laboratory management, risk management and safety.” Xu hopes that after graduation she can continue to enhance her understanding of the pharmaceutical industry. “University of the Pacific’s Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences Program has provided a perfect platform to realize my dream. I am convinced the experience of learning and living here will be the greatest treasure in my life,” said Xu. When Xu is not spending her time in the laboratory, she enjoys cooking and exploring unique recipes to create new dishes.

By Ben Herrera '10, '13
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