Rohrbach at the 2013 Pharmacy and Health Sciences Commencement Ceremony
Rohrbach at the 2013 Pharmacy and Health Sciences Commencement Ceremony

They say your college years are the best years of your life. To commemorate their time at Pacific, the National Student Speech-Hearing Language Association (NSSHLA) chapter, under the leadership of Lauren Rohrbach ‘13, donated funds to the new Pacific Speech-Language Pathology Alumni Associates Endowed Scholarship in honor of Professor Simalee Smith-Stubblefield ‘83.

The purpose of the scholarship is to recognize a speech-language pathology undergraduate student who is active in the NSSHLA Chapter or is an Alumni Association Ambassador and maintains a minimum 3.5 GPA and helps support the mission of the alumni association. Undergraduate students who are graduating can also apply for this scholarship as long as they will be returning to Pacific for the master of science in speech-language pathology program.

During an executive board meeting, the team learned about the new scholarship from Dr. Jill Duthie, Associate Professor of Speech-Language Pathology, who encouraged them to consider making donations. An important part of NSSHLA’s mission is to give back to the community and support current students. While they felt the scholarship was a great opportunity to support future students in pursuing their career, they also felt it would be monumental to honor Professor Smith-Stubblefield.

“We decided to honor Professor Smith-Stubblefield because she does so much for our program! She is our “mother” figure and is there whenever we need her,” said Rohrbach.

Rohrbach added that she is inspired by Professor Smith-Stubblefield because “not only is she a great mentor and a professor but she is an amazing woman.”

A gift of any kind, whether big or small is instrumental in moving the profession forward. Together, eight NSSHLA members donated a total of $180 to the scholarship. “We hope that we are leading by example and that we can inspire future generations to do the same and be involved,” she said.

Professor Smith-Stubblefield couldn’t disagree saying “I feel so honored that the students would recognize me in this way. Future students will benefit from their generosity and I want them to know how much I humbly appreciate their contribution to the Alumni Association scholarship.”

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By Dua Her '09
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