Lauren Epperson 2Lauren Epperson ’14 might come off as shy but her resume tells quite a different story. Her 4.0 GPA, leadership in student organizations and community outreach services earned her the September 2013 Pharmacy Times and Walmart Respect, Excellence, and Service in Pharmacy (RESPy) Award. This award honors an extraordinary pharmacy student who has made a difference in their communities by demonstrating excellence in pharmaceutical care and advancing the profession of pharmacy.

“This award means so much to me because it shows that throughout the entire country my accomplishments stand out amongst my peers. This kind of recognition gives me the motivation to keep up the hard work and dedication,” says Epperson.

Epperson found out about this award through Dr. Rajul Patel ’01, ’06 who nominated her. Epperson is advised by Dr. Patel through her involvement in the Drug Awareness Committee, Medicare Part D, Phi Lambda Sigma and has completed a few research project under his guidance.

As a faculty advisor for many student groups on campus and extensive interactions with students, Dr. Patel feels “Lauren is the epitome of what every pharmacy student should strive to be; a hard-working, goal-oriented student who realizes that the pharmacy education here at University of the Pacific extends beyond the confines of the classroom and spills directly into the community.”

“I feel honored to be nominated by Dr. Patel,” said Epperson.

Growing up in Woodland, California, Epperson has known that she wanted to be a pharmacist since her sophomore year of high school. As she compared her options for higher education, she said she chose Pacific for its pre-pharmacy program, faculty to student ratio and its beauty. “I had an amazing undergraduate experience and the pharmacy program has been just as rewarding. I would not change a thing about it,” she said.

Epperson just completed her ambulatory are rotation and “loved it.” She is looking forward to pursuing a residency program after graduation.




By Dua Her '09
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