The Independent Pharmacy Cooperative (IPC) 2012 Member Conference held its second annual conference in Savannah, GA this past June. The conference allows students to engage with owners and experts in the independent pharmacy business. The IPC sponsored 38 students from 12 universities to attend and announced eight recipients to receive a $1500 scholarship. Scholarships are awarded based on essay submissions about the students’ most impactful experience at the conference. Among these individuals was Daniel Huynh ’13 from University of Pacific.

Huynh shared some of his own experiences from the IPC conference. “I truly enjoyed the venue where the conference was held. Savannah, Georgia was an incredible place that was rich with culture and historic landmarks. The city was beautiful and the food was delicious. In addition to the wonderful venue, I enjoyed meeting and networking with many pharmacy owners from around the country,” said Huynh.

Huynh’s essay would detail his struggle with accounting and business finance, which are critical elements within an independent pharmacy. The conference would give Huynh an opportunity to learn about these topics from a lecture given by Steve Lefever. “Steve, IPC, members and staff provided me with the skill set I needed in taking the next step towards becoming a confident independent pharmacy owner. I even learned how to balance my business plan’s balance sheet,” said Huynh.

Several Pacific students also made submissions to the IPC and Huynh recognized several of his peers. “I feel very blessed to receive this scholarship. I know in addition to the many applicants from other prestigious pharmacy schools around the country that University of Pacific had some very deserving applicants. I am proud that someone from the University of Pacific won this scholarship, and grateful that it was me,” said Huynh.

In addition to the scholarship, Huynh is already looking forward to another big project after graduation. “I have always considered owning a pharmacy, but never took it serious until my good friend, Nataliya McElroy ’13, approached me about the opportunity to develop an independent pharmacy business plan. I am looking forward to creating a practice that will serve my community and its members.”

By Ben Herrera ’10, ’13
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