Pacific’s California Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists (CSHP) chapter, along with University of the California, San Diego and Western University, was recognized as the 2011 Regional Chapter of Distinction by CSHP. This is the first year student chapters were given the opportunity to apply for the award. The award was established to recognize chapters that show excellence in finance, business processes, membership growth, and member satisfaction.

“This recognition shows that Pacific students do stand for excellence in the professional community and that involvement in CSHP is one of the many ways they can be part of that,” said Tracy Joy King ’12, CSHP president.

As the largest CSHP student chapter, with 497 members, the CSHP executive board works hard to provide member satisfaction by organizing community outreach events and symposiums and establishing partnerships that offer unique opportunities for its members.

One of the most prominent events organized by the students is their Alliance Working for Antibiotic Resistance Education (AWARE) project. In an effort to decrease the overuse of antibiotics, this project is focused on educating the community on the use of antibiotics and differentiating between antibiotics targeted at viral and bacterial illnesses. Recently, the students were awarded a grant from the CSHP Board of Directors in the amount of $1,202.50 to help with the expansion of AWARE.

In addition, the students also participate in a variety of health fairs organized by student pharmacists throughout the year offering educational information on poison prevention, nonprescription medication, and health, safety, and appropriate use of medication therapy.

Pacific CSHP works closely with San Joaquin General Hospital to establish and maintain a partnership for their clinical internship program which offers internships to at least 10 students per year.

Throughout the year, symposiums are organized on campus to invite special guest speakers to campus to discuss pharmacy related topics such as emergency care. They also organize a residency panel made of young alumni who have participated in residencies to speak to students about their experiences.

At the national level, the students are participating in professional meetings and events. This year Pacific seated five student delegates at the 2011 CSHP Seminar making them the only student chapter to have full seating. The students also took home first place in the Quiz Bowl competition this year.

Every year in March, 25 student members are selected to participate in the annual CSHP Legislative Day that takes place at the State Capitol. There the students will be given an opportunity to meet with representatives and have a discussion about legislation affecting the healthcare profession. Ten student members will also be selected to participate in the health fair.

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By Dua Her '09
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