Camille Camargo ’13 recently returned from a trip to the Philippines. She was a Practicum Facilitator for the School and completed her residency at St. Joseph’s Medical Center. The residency included researching falls prevention in collaboration with Dr. William Kehoe ’95, Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Psychology and Director for the Office of Academic Success and Instructional Support. Camargo is currently working at St. Joseph’s Medical Center as a clinical pharmacist. Her trip abroad was an exciting experience as it was her first time traveling alone in a foreign country. Fortunately Camargo speaks Tagalog and was able to communicate with the locals. She was graced with a warm welcome from her hosts.

Dr. Camargo at the University of Phillipines.
Dr. Camargo at the University of Phillipines.

During her residency Camargo talked with Dr. Kehoe about her dream to experience pharmacy education abroad. Thanks to Dr. Kehoe’s contacts with the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP), Camargo planned her trip in addition to talking about it. Dr. Kehoe’s resources proved invaluable. He put Camargo in contact with Dr. Yolanda Robles, former chair of the Asian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy and former president of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy in Asia. Dr. Robles planned the itinerary for Camargo’s trip. This included visiting pharmacy schools in Manila and meetings with pharmacists in a variety of hospitals. She is grateful to have received funding from the School thanks to the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Program and Dr. Kate O’Dell, Associate Professor and Regional Coordinator for the Stockton Area. The funds covered airfare expenses to and from the Philippines.

“Dr. Robles and I wanted to share my experiences as a past pharmacy resident to the clinical pharmacists in different hospitals,” Camargo said.

In addition Camargo shared her experiences as a pharmacy doctoral student at the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences with Centro Escolar University (CEU). She hoped to make an impact on pharmacy education in a country where most programs only provide bachelor’s degrees in pharmacy. CEU is the only institution that offers a doctor of pharmacy in the Philippines. She met with University of the Philippines students and discussed creating a Rho Pi Phi International Pharmaceutical Fraternity chapter. Camargo also visited many hospitals including Makati Medical Center, St. Luke’s Medical Center, Medical City Hospital and Philippine General Hospital. Her presentations to pharmacists and pharmacy technicians at the hospitals included “Skills required for a Clinical Pharmacist,” “Attitudes and Skills Required for a Clinical Preceptor: Improving Student Preceptorship” and “Evaluation of Fall Risk Factors and Predictive Ability of Falls in Patients at a Behavioral Health Center.”

“One of the most important things I learned from this trip is that sharing information is very important. I was able to share with them the clinical practices of St. Joseph’s Medical Center and they talked about adopting the same policies. In the same way, they shared information with me about ideas and practices that I think we can benefit from as well.”

Since the beginning of her pharmacy studies Camargo has been fascinated by international pharmacy. She used her experience in the Philippines to learn about the role pharmacists play in developing countries. Camargo hopes to take this newfound knowledge into a career with the Center for Disease Control or the World Health Organization. She hopes to eventually work with an international organization to improve the lives of poverty stricken individuals. She is thankful for the School’s support in her endeavors to research international pharmacy practices.


By Matthew Muller '14
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