On August 29, 2012, the Pacific Speech-Language Pathology Alumni Association (PSLPAA) hosted the Welcome Back Dinner for students, faculty, and alumni. The Welcome Back Dinner was an opportunity for alumni to welcome the students and faculty back to campus and offer Roundtable Sessions.

The Roundtable Sessions, coordinated and hosted by alumni and friends, offered students helpful hints and insights in preparation for clinicals. Some of the topics discussed included Articulation Errors Other Than “R”, Autism, Thematic Early Intervention, and more.

Joan Eberhardt-Snider ’93 shows the students how to incorporate the “iPad” into clinicals.

“The Roundtable sessions were very informative; I especially liked the “Autism” session because I have limited interaction with children with Autism and course information regarding techniques used with children on the spectrum,” said Lucy Pacheco ‘12, ‘13.

“I believe it’s crucial to keep ourselves informed about updated treatment strategies because we will bring flexibility, creativity, and resources into our clinic experience as well as set a foundation for our workforce,” she added.

“We wanted to create an event that was meaningful for the both the students and the alumni. The event was a success,” commented Harriet Doyle ‘73.

The planning committee included Joan Eberhardt-Snider ‘93, Heidi Germino ‘92, Nancy Harlow ‘06, and Benjamin Reece ‘01, ‘08.


By Dua Her '09
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