Sandra Bellamy ’97 ’99 ’03 is Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy. She is a Pediatric Certified Specialist and teaches courses in pediatric physical therapy, movement analysis, prosthetics and orthotics, and applied clinical problem solving. She earned both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from University of the Pacific.

After completing her masters degree, she became a clinician and dedicated herself to serving pediatric patients and their families in the Stockton area for many years. She returned to Pacific as a part-time instructor in 2001, completed her doctorate in 2003, and became full-time faculty member in 2004.

“The shortage of pediatric practitioners in the profession was my first motivation to explore teaching. As a clinician, I improved the health and function of children, one at a time. I learned that through teaching I could impact a greater number of patients by preparing each graduate of our program to serve those at the early stages of the lifespan,” said Dr. Bellamy.

Through her years at Pacific, Dr. Bellamy has witnessed the evolution of the University, the School, and the Department. She describes the graduation of Pacific’s first doctorally-prepared class, the groundbreaking and opening ceremony of the Chan Family Health Sciences Learning Center and Clinics, and the inaugural Physical Therapy White Coat Ceremony in August, 2010 as most memorable.

Dr. Bellamy is responsible for the coordination of the Pacific Physical Therapy Training Clinic. In this role, she supervises physical therapy students in the delivery of services provided free to uninsured and underinsured community individuals of all ages.

“Every year we have patients who say the students’ work gives them purpose and direction for growth and to fight to keep what they have. I’m proud to see the positive impact our students’ contributions have made in the lives of so many community members,” commented Dr. Bellamy.

Dr. Bellamy was born in Stockton to a military family and is herself a U.S. Navy veteran, serving for six years as an electronics technician. Having lived in Hawai’i as a child, she rediscovered her love for the people and culture of the Pacific Islands. She has studied and performed Polynesian dance as a student in a Stockton halau (school) for the past 11 years. She lives in Lodi, near her two grown children and three grandchildren.

Dr. Bellamy takes pleasure in the Central Valley’s agriculture, weather, and cultural diversity. She particularly enjoys cherries and asparagus, the summer’s hot days and evening Delta Breeze, and local live music and art. She loves to spend her free time outdoors if possible and can’t decide if she likes California’s coastline or Sierras best. Her hobbies include horseback riding, camping and running. She chose Stockton’s first half-marathon in November, 2010 as her first try at long-distance running and is preparing for a marathon in Fall, 2011.

By Dua Her '09 and Margaret Truong '11
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