Every year in March, the Rho Chi Honor Society hosts an annual Talent Show filled with extraordinary performances put together by student pharmacists. This year’s show, themed “Las Vegas,” was held on March 16, where students, professors, and pledges from each pharmacy fraternity took to the stage to show off their talent and creativity.

With the overwhelming talent in this year’s Talent Show, it is safe to say that the entertainment was nothing short of spectacular. Besides the amazing singing and dancing performances put on by the student pharmacists, the audience was also treated to singing talents of both the Drs. Xin Guo and Timothy Smith. Later in the night, Dr. Raj Patel ’01 ’06 also showed off his hip-shaking abilities when Lani Le ’12gave him a brief Tahitian tutorial during her performance.

It truly was awe-inspiring to watch both classmates and professors command the stage. In addition to the show’s acts, the fabulous emcees, Taya Malone ‘12 and Erik Speck ‘12, provided a comedic act of their own throughout the night. Speck was even able to show the audience how to “dougie” with the help of Ricky Patel ‘13, and Malone showed off her free-styling skills.

Elbert Mock ‘13, Daniel Lieu ‘13, and Nader Toussoun ’13 won first place for their rendition of “Back at One.” As a group, Marlyn Nicolas ‘13, Elbert Mock ‘13, Lindsay Noriega ‘13, Kin Lam ‘13, Nader Toussoun ‘13, Henry Lee ‘13, Nathan Wong ‘13, In Kang ‘13, and Daniel Lieu ’13 took home second place for their “Channel R103” performance and last but not least Elizabeth Chang ’12 received third place for her vocal performance of “I Want to Love.” The Best Fraternity Performance was awarded to Rho Pi Phi Pledges for their “Subconscious Pharmacy” performance.

Although no one entered the costume contest dressed in the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, two separate groups dressed up as the “Blue Man Group” faced off for the title of “Best Costume.” After the humor and irony of the two look-alike groups competing against each other wore off, the winner was declared to be the Blue Man Group representing Rho Pi Phi.

The Talent Show was a huge success, but we could not have done it without the performers who invested such a significant amount of time and dedication into creating their acts, our sponsors Dr. Tom Bui ’93 and Walgreens, and our judges, Drs. Abood, Patel, and Guo.

By Tami Ogino ‘12
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