Q and A feature logoQ.  What do you believe is your greatest achievement in your life thus far?

A. That I’m not ready to settle now with what I’ve “achieved” in the past.

Q. What is your greatest memory at Pacific?

A. My first day as a student in the physical therapy program and my first day as an instructor returning to Pacific.

Q. What inspires you?Sandy Reina-Guerra

A. The perseverance of our students, the devoted service of our department’s and school’s leaders, the work of recovery of the patients we serve and their loved ones.

Q. What are your goals in the next five years?

A. I would like to see expanded opportunities for Pacific’s physical therapy program graduates to maintain and grow their relationship with Pacific through activities such as student mentoring and continuing education.

Q. What is great about Pacific students?

A. Our students recognize that a quality education is more than just the curriculum they can access by virtue of their enrollment—they are committed to the process of face-to-face engagement with instructors, advisors, one other, and citizens of the local and world communities.  They fuel the learning environment with their curiosity, uphold Pacific’s reputation with their competence, and inspire me with their willingness to serve others.

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