Dr. Sandra Bellamy ’97, ’99, ‘03 presented Correa with the George H. Sanderson Scholarship for Physical Therapy at the Doctor of Physical Therapy Candidacy Luncheon

When Genevieve Correa ’12 graduated from University of California Los Angeles with a bachelor of science in mathematics and computer science she wasn’t sure if she would become a mathematician or a scientist. The biggest surprise yet is she didn’t know she would become a student of physical therapy.

“After holding various jobs which included being an algebra teacher, a personal trainer, a physical therapist aide, and more, I realized I had a niche for biomechanics due to my background in athletics and personal injury,” said Correa. “I always loved helping people improve themselves in different aspects of their life and I really think that drew me towards physical therapy,” she added.

Correa was particularly interested in Pacific’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program because it was an accelerated 25-month program. She soon learned that it had more to offer than a speedy entrance into the profession. During her visit to Pacific, she was moved by the “camaraderie that the students and faculty had and how each faculty member and administrators cared for the students as human beings and not just another student in the program.”

She credits the accelerated program in helping her balance her time and stay on top of her studies while enjoying her personal life. “The intense 19-month didactic curriculum plus the 6-month externship span taught me to adapt and improvise and allowed me to learn different approaches to patient care which I can apply both in the clinics and everyday interactions,” commented Correa.

As she spends the remainder of the program as a Proprioceptive Neurological Facilitation (PNF) program resident in the Post-Graduate Physical Therapy PNF Program at Kaiser Foundation Hospital and Rehabilitation Center in Vallejo, California, she reminisces about her time at Pacific. “My favorite memory is coordinating the 2011 Physical Therapy Tiger Dash and Cub Run. After arduous organizing and planning, it was amazing to see how our class and the community came together to support one cause,” says Correa.

The annual Physical Therapy Tiger Dash and Cub Run is hosted on campus to raise funds to support student physical therapists at the annual American Physical Therapists Association (APTA), Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) and student activities.

Each year graduating physical therapy students complete the program in December and commence the following May. Correa will formally graduate at the 2013 Commencement Ceremony in May.



By Dua Her '09
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