Email-graphicPaHS to Give is a month-long campaign with the goal of raising $5,000 for student scholarships and travel grants. An investment in the next generation of health care practitioners is money well spent. In 2014 alone, more than 67 students were honored with scholarships. These students have been given career-building experiences that make the Pacific education so memorable and valuable.

Scholarships are often the most visible way that the School can reward students and honor our donors. Many of our donors were recipients of scholarships themselves, so they understand the critical need for students to receive financial assistance and demonstrate a “pay it forward” philosophy.

On the surface, scholarships are a source of financial support for many students, but scholarships are about more than just money. Beyond dollars and cents, scholarships help tell the stories of donors and the students they support. Scholarships are often created to memorialize individuals for their contributions to the profession and their excellence in the field. Through this recognition many will learn about the inspiration behind the scholarship, why it was created and what purpose it serves.

Scholarships also help deserving students reach their personal and professional goals and realize their dreams. Through scholarships we learn about the students and the life events that have led them to Pacific. Some of the greatest advice and inspiration comes from the student recipients. Click here to read stories from students about their challenges, aspirations, and life mottos.

PaHS to Give Now

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