At the 69th Annual Phi Delta Chi Grand Council, Pacific’s Alpha Psi Chapter received national recognition in multiple areas. For the second consecutive year, Alpha Psi took home fourth place for the Emory W. Thurston Grand President’s Award which is the highest honor awarded by the fraternity and represents exemplary achievement in service, scholarship, leadership, brotherhood, and a professional window display project.

In addition, the chapter placed third in both the Prescott Scholarship Cup and Rand P. Hollenback Scholarship and in the Chapter Publication Award and Norman H. Franke Scholarship; fourth in the Ralph L. Saroyan Brotherhood Award and Desmet Scholarship; and received the 100 percent Achievement Award. Twenty three brothers were in attendance.

Myth Busters, the theme they chose for this year’s report, focuses on how brothers support each other to accomplish their goals and why students should ignore certain urban myths. One myth Alpha Psi debunked was “All you need to succeed in pharmacy school is to get good grades.” To be successful, students must also become leaders in the community and in the profession. Alpha Psi believes that brothers should “push past their comfort zone and go for leadership positions within the fraternity so that they may gain leadership experience and confidence so they can apply it to future positions.”

Alpha Psi brothers, including Mr. Ralph Saroyan '64, at the meeting.
Alpha Psi brothers, including Mr. Ralph Saroyan ’64, at the meeting.

Alpha Psi presents opportunities to the brothers to get involved and develop their skills as leaders. At the beginning of each year they host a Chapter Retreat to plan events and brainstorm ideas for the coming year. Newly initiated brothers are encouraged to share their ideas and take the lead in implementing the event. According to the report “At least 40 brothers (51.2%) participate actively in the brainstorming and planning part of chapter retreat.” If a brother is interested in obtaining an executive board position, they are given the opportunity to shadow current board members to prepare for an effective transition, if applicable. Brothers can also take advantage of mock interviews, leadership panel discussions, and more.

They also shed light on another myth: “You can sleep through school and be fine.” In the same way that they support each other to obtain leadership positions, Alpha Psi brothers believe in supporting each other to excel academically. Throughout the year, they organize several programs to help brothers achieve their academic and scholarship goals. The most prominent program is their incentive program where brothers are awarded points according to their GPA value and degree of GPA improvement. At the end of the year, the brothers with the most points win a free Rush Dinner ticket worth $50. They also organize and collect study guides, notes and study tips to create their Academic Vault. This year they moved the vault online which helped increase the effectiveness and accessibility of the materials. Other strategies for increasing scholarship include providing study hours, finals study bags, and securing library study rooms during midterms and finals.

Alex Van Zuiden ’15, who serves as Worthy Correspondent, says her involvement in the fraternity has allowed her to secure leadership positions at the School and it has provided resources for her to organize projects that will impact the community. Van Zuiden is also the American Managed Care Pharmacists (AMCP) Vice President of External Affairs and the American Pharmacists Association – Academy of Student Pharmacists Midyear Regional Meeting (MRM) Exposition Committee Chair. Van Zuiden organized Color for Cures, a philanthropic 5K run that raised over $1,200 to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

“I chose Phi Delta Chi because I found a group of people who were invested in my interests and cared about me as a person. They are a wonderful family and are there to support me through all of my successes and struggles,” said Van Zuiden.

Phi Delta Chi – Alpha Psi seeks to promote scholastic, professional, and social growth in its Brothers. They strive to provide quality services to their patients, thereby advancing public health and becoming leaders in the field. To learn more about the fraternity, visit


By Dua Her '09
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