The Northern California College of Clinical Pharmacy committee recently hosted the local American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) Clinical Challenge on July 5, 2012. Six teams comprised of 18 students competed to answer questions about clinical pharmacy and therapeutics.

Toby Chang ‘13, Lisa (Xiaowen) Jiang ‘13 and Aileen Auyeung ‘13 will be representing Pacific in September during the online rounds of the ACCP Clinical Challenge. To prepare for the competition, the group highlighted topics that will be covered and have divided the academic resource books amongst themselves; each person responsible for reading and reviewing four books.

“We have a strong team; we all have strengths in different areas of study and together we are able to work efficiently and well under pressure,” says Auyeung.

Eligible teams will compete in up to four online rounds, with the top eight teams advancing to the live quarterfinal competition at the 2012 ACCP Annual Meeting in Hollywood, Florida, this October. Last year, Pacific was among the eight teams who advanced to the semifinals in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Each team advancing to the quarterfinal round held at the ACCP Annual Meeting will receive three paid-in-full student registrations. Each team member will receive an ACCP gift certificate for $125 and a certificate of recognition. In addition to the above, semifinal teams not advancing to the final round will receive a semifinal team plaque for display at their institution. The second-place team will receive a $750 cash award and a commemorative team plaque. The winning team will receive a $1500 cash award and each team member will receive a commemorative plaque. A team trophy will be awarded to the winning institution.

“It’s important to participate in this competition because it helps me review materials taught in school as well as expand my scope of knowledge in materials not taught in school (i.e. pediatrics). The competition will also help me polish up on my clinical knowledge in preparation for my upcoming rotations,” commented Auyeung.


By Dua Her '09
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