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Letter From the Dean – Spring 2017

April 25th, 2017 by Pacific PaHS Alumni

In February I had the honor of being inducted into the California Pharmacists Association (CPhA) Hall of Fame. Being an active member of professional organizations such as CPhA has afforded me so much more than I can explain in a few sentences. In essence, what I have learned is that as health care professionals we are tied together in a single fabric of destiny; we share an unwavering commitment to provide the best care we can to our patients and clients.

In the coming years, we will witness amazing scientific discoveries which will advance the frontiers of our professions. We will have at our disposal new therapies that will predict, prevent, diagnose and cure diseases. Given our commitment to research, I believe Pacific faculty, students and alumni will contribute to these innovations. In order to utilize these advances we must work together. We must work cooperatively with others in the health care community.

Students — I challenge you to approach your education with the mindset that to continue to improve patient care we must collaborate. I encourage you to be intentional about forming interdisciplinary partnerships. At Pacific, we have the unique opportunity to rub shoulders with those that represent different facets of pharmacy and the health sciences. Creativity and compassion go hand in hand. Let us learn from, and be inspired by, each other.

Alumni and friends — I challenge you to invest in the future by getting involved with the School. Become a mentor, a preceptor, a donor, a guest speaker or an active alumnus.

Never stop learning, reaching, asking or wondering. Most importantly — never stop caring.

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