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LKS students learning the art of self defense

Every year in March the Alpha Xi Chapter of Lambda Kappa Sigma (LKS) International Pharmacy Fraternity hosts Women’s Health Week. During this week multiple events were planned to help encourage and promote awareness of women’s health and safety.

This year we were proud to host four events, starting off with a presentation by Alexandra Caspero, a registered dietitian on campus. Students were educated on ways to stay healthy by incorporating simple recipes and healthy alternatives to their busy college lifestyles. Ms. Caspero stressed the value of finding healthier alternatives even when considering fast food. We concluded the event with a raffle where two lucky winners received gift cards to fund and advocate for their journey of healthy eating.

The first year members gave a brief presentation about gestational hypertension. At the end of the presentation green tea packets were distributed to the audience as a way to promote awareness of gestational hypertension and an overall healthy lifestyle, because green tea not only helps to control hypertension during pregnancy, but also possesses many health benefits.

Dr. Neelesh Bangalore, MD, PhD delivered a presentation on cervical cancer and the prevention and treatment of the disease. Over 120 people attended this event and were all engaged by Dr. Bangalore’s knowledge on the subject and great sense of humor.

He highlighted the prevalence of cervical cancer in the US and contrasted it with other countries and shared common concerns patients have regarding cervical cancer. Bangalore provided insight on ways to remedy patients’ concerns, all of which students can apply to practice and ultimately emphasized early prevention of cervical cancer through screening.

Women’s Health Week concluded with a self-defense class led by Ernest Mello from Ronin Jiu-Jitsu. Over 40 students had the opportunity to learn how to identify risks, evaluate their strengths, and explore their options when placed in a threatening situation. Mr. Mello encouraged students to maintain their skills through regular practice and incorporation of the physical strategies into games in order for the techniques to become second nature. At the close of the event, students were empowered with the knowledge and skills in removing themselves from dangerous situations.

Throughout the week, LKS also collected donations for the Women’s Center Youth & Family Services organization. This establishment is San Joaquin’s only provider of shelter and services specifically designed to meet the needs of victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and homeless and runaway youth. Donations are given to these victims as they are looking for employment and working towards maintaining a sustainable life.

These events would not have been a success without the support and guidance of LKS faculty advisor, Roshanak Rahimian, PhD.


By Jessica Tsui ‘15 and Sarah Chiu ’15
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