Carl FairburnDr. Carl Fairburn ’10 joined the physical therapy faculty in August as an Assistant Professor, teaching the same program in which he was once a student. He hopes to make an impact on his students by challenging them in new ways. Dr. Fairburn “look[s] forward to helping mold professional growth and challenging the students to become leaders in their field as well as within the communities they will be providing for.” He will be teaching exercise physiology in physical therapy and assisting in integumentary in physical therapy. In addition Dr. Fairburn will be teaching cardiovascular and pulmonary physical therapy this summer.

Dr. Fairburn describes his teaching philosophy as “never be[ing] afraid to fail.” He wants students to let go of their fear of failure and instead welcome mistakes as part of the learning process. This strategy allows the student to be engaged and fully participate in their studies. Dr. Fairburn hopes that with his teaching students will develop the ability to think critically and analytically in order to find answers to their questions. This skill will benefit their career when they become strong self-learners as practicing physical therapists.

Dr. Fairburn looks to his past experience as a student at the School and remembers how knowledgeable and supportive the faculty was. His experiences as a student will help him be a better professor in order to provide the same level of learning to his students. As well as preparing students to be top notch physical therapists, Dr. Fairburn plans to provide scholarly work in the cardiovascular and pulmonary fields to his profession.

Dr. Fairburn was raised in a city that has a larger population of cattle than people and has no stop lights. He was part of the Division Two baseball national championship runner-up team at Chico State. Dr. Fairburn also enjoys riding his 1998 Springer Softail Harley Davidson. Click here to read his alumni spotlight.



By Matthew Muller '14
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