Natural disasters not only impact the families whose lives are forever changed by the event but also citizens who yearn to give a helping hand. The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy left many families homeless and without necessities such as food and clothes. Student pharmacists organized a fundraiser on campus to collect donations to help those in need.

Students pose with Sia Mohsenzadegan, Bon Appetit and Yvonne Derby
Students pose with Sia Mohsenzadegan, Bon Appetit and Yvonne Derby

“The idea for this fundraiser actually came from one of my classmates, Lana Nguyen ’14. She emailed me about a week or so after Hurricane Sandy devastated many states in the Northeast. Having lived on an island that was very prone to hurricanes each year, I completely understand just how traumatic that experience can be,” said Jason Miller ’14, Pacific’s Academy of Student Pharmacists (ASP) President.

As part of the fundraiser, students asked for monetary donations and non-perishable goods including pasta, beans and rice. To encourage more donations, student pharmacists coordinated with the Pacific Card Office and Bon Appetit to allow students to use their dining dollars and Pacific Cash to donate to the fundraiser. Dining dollars are cash value of students’ meal plans for on-campus dining.

The fundraiser ran for two months and the students were able to collect nearly $2,000 in donations to aid families impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Donations collected through dining dollars and Pacific Cash raised $3,433 which were used to purchase non-perishable goods for Stockton’s Emergency Food Bank.

“It’s wonderful what these students are doing. It is a creative solution to a problem that is ongoing. We appreciate everything that the students have done,” said Yvonne Derby, Resource and Development Manager for the Emergency Food Bank.

“We donated the funds to the American Red Cross in New Jersey and we are optimistic that we are able to support some of the local families during their time of need,” commented Miller.


By Dua Her '09
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