On March 4, 2011 Pacific’s American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, ASCP, hosted the Inaugural Senior Prom drawing nearly 100 senior citizens from senior living and community centers throughout Stockton, touching their hearts while adding years to their lives and life to their years.

Guests were escorted into the University Center Ballroom, welcomed with hors d’oeuvres catered by Bon Appétit, and encouraged to dance the night away with music from Pacific’s Jazz Ensemble. Ladies were presented with corsages donated by local Stockton florists. Many mingled and shared nostalgic conversations over wine. Each guest also received a framed prom picture as a keepsake.

“This ‘Senior Prom’ was better than our first one – 59 years ago,” said an attendee.

The participants were inspirational; they taught the students that you are as young as you feel and that an uplifted soul transcends the physical self. “I had a conversation with a woman who came in with a walker and didn’t think she could dance. After encouragement from her friends, she got up and started to dance. It was great to see her out on the dance floor,” recalls Jarod You ’12.

During the band’s intermission, a slideshow presented pictures of various healthcare outreach events where student pharmacists interacted with seniors. Just outside the ballroom was a booth that showcased the pharmaceutical care services offered by the School.

The inception of the idea for Senior Prom was created by ASCP executive board members Kimberly Kwan ’12 and Natalie Kwan ‘12. “This event was a step outside of the box, recognizing that socializing, dancing, and happiness contribute to good health,” said Kimberly.

ASCP appreciates the support and guidance that was received throughout the development and implementation of the Senior Prom. It was wonderful to see Dean Oppenheimer and Drs. Nancy DeGuire, Joseph Woelfel ’70 ’72 ’78, Rajul Patel ’01 ’06, and Ed Shermanstep out on the dance floor and show their unwavering support for this endeavor.

ASCP Executive Board. Photographed by Diane Vu ‘12.

Special recognition is given to the Flowers Heritage Foundation for its financial support. The donations by Safeway, Arte Floral, Charter Way Florist, El Dorado Florist, J and S Flowers, and San Francisco Floral also deserve acknowledgment. Deep gratitude is conveyed to Professor Patrick Langham and the Pacific Jazz Ensemble for graciously volunteering their time to play wonderful music for the guests. Lastly, the Senior Prom would not have been as successful without the altruistic volunteerism provided by the student pharmacists.

ASCP’s goal is to encourage the senior community to be active, happy, and healthy. For an organization just four years young, ASCP is already known for their dedication to the senior population providing screenings for bone mineral density and falls prevention (osteoporosis) as well as memory decline (Alzheimer’s Disease).


By Kimberly Kwan ‘12
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