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Prom attendees dance the night away.

American Society of Consultant Pharmacy (ASCP)-Pacific welcomed 60 seniors to the 4th Annual Senior Prom at Pacific on March 14, 2014. It was a wonderful night of music, food, and company as seniors from church groups, senior living homes and community centers in the Stockton area gathered for some “midnight magic.” With the fairytale-like theme and a very fun and successful prom, anyone can be a Prince Charming or a Cinderella if they open their hearts to some magic.

On this very special night, the ballroom was filled with seniors – some who were first timers to the Senior Prom and some who were veterans, having made the Senior Prom a yearly tradition for themselves. Many seniors were impressed with the sit-down dinner buffet made by ASCP-Pacific board members. While a slideshow of photos of ASCP-Pacific’s health outreach events from throughout the year played in the background, seniors dined on appetizers of salami, cheese and crackers as they mingled with other guests and with student volunteers. They also enjoyed feasting on rosemary chicken salad and vegetarian salad as the main course. For a light dessert, the seniors ate fruit and pound cake.

One highlight of the night was undoubtedly the dancing. With their snazzy footwork and smooth twirling, the seniors really showed their talents as they danced to cha-cha, tango, waltz and more. Since many of the seniors take dance lessons and enjoy dancing as a regular hobby, they were willing to teach their skills to students as well. The dance floor was filled with smiles, laughter and excitement.

To commemorate the night, there was a photobooth complete with a starry night sky background for seniors to take photos. Seniors gathered their friends, new and old, to celebrate being young at heart and having fun. The lovely pictures were printed and framed for the seniors to take home so they could capture this magical night.

Sr Prom Jessica resized
ASCP member Jessica Nguyen ’16 having fun at the Senior Prom

Finally, no prom would be complete without the crowning of the prom king and queen. This year, the prom king is Mr. Cecil Rendon. Mr. Rendon has attended the event since its inception. Looking very sporting in his gentleman hat and a trendy, tan-colored blazer, Mr. Rendon is a humorous man who very much deserved the prom king title. When asked what is his favorite part of the night, he answered, without any hesitation, that dancing the night away was the most enjoyable part of his night. Although “Kansas City” is his favorite song, he does have many other favorites and suggested some of them for next year’s Senior Prom.

This year’s Prom Queen title was given to Ms. Virginia P. McDaniel. This is her second time attending this event, with her first time being in 2012. Her favorite part of the night was also dancing. Her eyes lit up as she talked about her favorite types of dancing, which are cha-cha and nightclub-two-step. She, along with many other seniors, considers dancing as good exercise for their health and takes weekly night dance classes. In fact, a few of the seniors are going to dance classes following Senior Prom. When asked what ASCP can improve on for our Senior Prom event, she indicated that she prefers more waltz and box trot style music because those are the easiest to dance to. Lastly, the prom king and queen shared a sweet dance together.

In all, Senior Prom would not have been possible without the help of Academy of Student Pharmacists (ASP)-Pacific and Dr. Donald Florridia ‘71, ASCP-Pacific advisor, Dr. Joseph Woelfel ’70, ’72, ’78, and student volunteers. The annual ASCP-Pacific Senior Prom was made a night to remember by celebrating health and life. It was also a night to show our appreciation for the seniors in the community and bridge the generation gap between students and seniors. It is our hope that Senior Prom continues to bring more students and seniors together every year and build upon the relationship between the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and the seniors in our community.



By Katie So ‘15 and Sarah Shin ‘16
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