Faculty and students in the Department of Physical Therapy were recognized for distinguished research contributions and presented at the California Physical Therapy Association Conference on September 28-29, 2012 in Santa Clara, Calif.:

Todd Davenport, with Chris Snell and Mark Van Ness, Sport Sciences, and Staci Stevens, Pacific Fatigue Laboratory, received a 2012 Research Publication Award for their article, “Diagnostic Accuracy of Symptoms Characterising Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,” which was published in Disability and Rehabilitation in 2011.

Shiren Assaly ’11 and Todd Davenport were awarded a 2012 Research Publication Award for their article, “Effectiveness of Neuromuscular Condition to Prevent Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries in Female Athletes: A Critical Synthesis of Literature,” which was published in Orthopaedic Practice in 2011. The article was co-authored by former faculty member Katrin Mattern-Baxter.

Ben Larson ’14 presented the poster, “Reproducibility of Measurements Obtained During Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing in Individuals with and Without Fatiguing Health Conditions: A Case Series.” Co-authors on the poster included Todd Davenport, Chris Snell, Mark Van Ness and Staci Stevens.

Abigail Schulz ’13Lorene Young ’13Kristin Sullivan ’13 and Vicente Ceja ’13 presented the poster “Functional Anatomy of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome: A Cadaver Case Series.” Co-authors were Todd DavenportTamara Phelan, and Jim Mansoor.

Noelle Erosa ’13Devin Leslie ’13Michael Marcello ’13 and Alison Schienbein ’13 presented the poster, “Functional Anatomy of Lateral Retinacular Release Surgery for Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: A Cadaver Case Study.” Co-authors were Todd DavenportTamara Phelan and Jim Mansoor.

Todd Davenport co-authored the poster, “An Exercise-Based Work Injury Prevention Program Reduces Injury Rates and Costs in Urban Firefighters,” with Mat Moore of Physical Edge in Davis, Calif., and Katrin Mattern-Baxter.

Todd Davenport presented the educational break-out session, “Identification and Management of Psychosocial Issues in Physical Therapy.”

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