On March 2, 2012, the Academy of Student Pharmacists (ASP) hosted the 2nd Annual Pharmacy Leadership Dinner. ASUOP, donors and supporters funded this event where students enjoyed a four-course meal and networked with alumni and faculty in the DeRosa University Center.

Upon arrival, attendees gathered in the University Center lobby to mingle and enjoy hor d’oeuvres until dinner was ready to be served by Bon Appetit in the University Ballroom. After everyone was seated, Mary Claire Attebery, Etiquette Consultant Owner of “Beyond Please and Thank You”, began her lesson on proper dinner etiquette. Ms. Attebery provided handouts to attendees and guided them on proper etiquette throughout dinner. She began by discussing proper behavior and table settings then moved on to advise students on acceptable conversations over a business dinner, different styles of etiquette depending on culture, as well as how to order and eat food.

Overall, the Pharmacy Leadership Dinner provided students the chance to take a break from their busy studying schedules to meet and mingle with professionals in their career field and enjoy an etiquette dinner. Robneet Athwal ’14 expressed his appreciation for the event by saying, “the etiquette dinner was a great opportunity to network with the dean and alumni.” Antoinette Dinh ‘13, ASP ASUOP Pharmacy Senator and event organizer, was very excited about the dinner and wanted to “thank all the students for coming out to the event for three hours to join us and have fun.” By the end of the evening, over 60 attendees enjoyed a wonderful meal and are better prepared for their next business dinner.


By Mikhaela Sarmiento '12
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